Premium Materials

From the enveloping warmth of wood to the radiant opulence of metals, the tactile sophistication of fabrics to the timeless distinction of porcelain tiles, this aesthetic journey is a feast for the senses. Every element, from the texture of the fabrics to the elegance of the porcelain tiles, is interwoven in a harmonious dance of contrasts and harmonies. This universe of design is not only aesthetically captivating, but also an invitation to explore the wealth of sensations that each material evokes, creating spaces where beauty becomes a tangible and evocative experience.

For other wooden accessories, such as chests of drawers or frames, please consult the factory.

Extra white and sample coloured glass have an increase of 8%.

Special finishes of porcelain, marble and natural wood for table tops will be quoted on request.

In all the models that admit special measures we will apply a 5% increase for each 10cm of increase of the priced measure, if it is a decrease we will apply a -5% given 10cm.