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  • Cronos metal lamp

    Cronos metal lamp inspired watches weights, where metal tubes move with their weight the clock mechanism. They are composed of three metal tubes lacquered with polished brass trim, intended to put at different heights. Designer Sergio CorderoLaunched 2015

  • Metal lamp Model Gema

    Metal lamp inspired by the use of metal in all its aspects. In the formed sheet metal and metal rods bent a weldmentresulting in a beautiful minimalist lamp. Designer Sergio CorderoLaunched 2015

  • Berliner Lamp

    Berliner Lamp means Berlin lamp, and owes its name to the city of Berlin where the idea was born. It is mainly composed of a metal frame that represents the stylization of a lamp, is an icon, it is a mental game. It has a timeless minimalist design with simple and elegant lines.It is available in three sizes for you to decorate any room, as well as in...