ALTINOX is a family business that has its origins in 1959 starting as a craft workshop Metal Forge. It is a company that has evolved, but without losing its origins and good work. 

 Give the form to the metal with their hands, not easy, but it's what gave us our unique and special character.

ALTINOX is a company that focuses on design, innovation and continuous improvement technologies
why has adapted to the times, designing and manufacturing products according to situations socioeconomic of each decade.

Our mission is to provide comfort and design with high quality and for this reason we research
and development of new forms, utilities and materials that make our products objects of worship, durable
that cross the barriers of time.
Our vision for the coming years is to be a benchmark of European design furniture, be among the top 10 companies.
Proof of this is our recent history in 2014, we launched 23 new products, investing heavily in the design,
by the noble materials and authenticity. We have updated the look of our catalogs, our website,
we have expanded the staff of the company, we have discussed two furniture fairs and the target set for 2015 to be exporting to Europe.
Our effort is ongoing to meet the needs of our internal and external customers and our staff, which enables
each day complacency of thousands of end users of our products.